How To Use Scotch Porter: Shave Care

FACTS OF LIFE: Shaving hurts. A lot. Even with a fancy new razor, shaving can leave your face with enough nicks and cuts to rival an episode of Daredevil. Betcha didn’t know though that what you do BEFORE you shave matters just as much as the razor you use. If your skin is dry, your facial hair is stiff, and stiff facial hair makes for a rough razor. And, don’t be fooled...your shaving cream just isn’t cutting it - most of them contain the stuff that dries your skin, and they don’t lubricate your face the way your face (and, razor) need to be lubricated. We decided to fix your face: Scotch Porter developed its Sensitive Skin Shave Collection to properly prepare skin and hair for shaving, and help your razor glide like it’s never glided before. Your face will be smoother, and shaving more comfortable.


Our Sensitive Skin Pre-Shave Oil incorporates 100% all natural oils (including Safflower Oil, Marula Oil, Olive Squalane, Avocado Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil) that hydrate skin to make it smooth and supple – the perfect combo for less nicks and abrasions.

PRO TIP: Rub small amount of pre-shave oil on your face and beard, spreading it evenly. Then apply Scotch Porter’s mild, moisturizing shaving cream, to your face.

Enjoy the smoothest razor glide ever for a close, more comfortable shave. Moistens and softens facial hair to allow your razor to cut it easier with less razor drag. Provides an ultra-slick skin surface for the smoothest razor glide ever with less razor clog. It’s a light-weight oil - so no shiny face, no greasy feel.



Our ultra mild Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream is free of skin drying soaps/detergents and other harsh ingredients that can damage skin. It’s fragrance free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. The unique, low foam formula makes it easier to spread and allows you to better see where you are shaving. Wet face with warm water. Squeeze a nickel size amount of shave cream onto your fingers. Lather onto your face in a thin, even coat (this helps reduce razor clog). Let sit for 1-2 minutes to soften hair. Shave with the grain and for goodness sake use a sharp razor.

PRO TIP 1: If you suffer from skin irritation or razor burn apply Scotch Porter Pre-Shave Oil on your face before shaving cream. The oil improves razor glide and helps soften your stubble for a better shave.

PRO TIP 2: When applying your shave cream rub the lather against the grain to raise your facial hair for an easier cut. For the best results, use a shave brush to apply your cream.


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