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No questions asked, at any time… swap and select the items YOU want. Ship for FREE to your doorstep. Cancel at any time.

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A wise man once said “groom like you give a damn.” We’ve got everything you need to keep your Beard, Hair, Skin, Shave and Body grooming routine in check.

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Your first (5) products are on us! Just pay $5.95 for shipping and get your subscription setup.

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Yes! Every month we’ll drop off your package full of SP goods to keep you looking, feeling and smelling your best.

Every month, our package will be at your doorstep full of products YOU want. No BS. No sample sizes.

For sure! Our subscription offers $50+ value of products all for one low price of $29.95. Every month, (5) products are all yours.

Yes! Each and every month, your box will ship for FREE. Why not? You deserve it.

Need to Make A Change?

  • ― Simply create or log into your account and select Manage Subscriptions.
  • ― Once the dashboard loads, select Swap next to each item that you’d like to swap for another.
  • ― Make your selection and voila! Your newly selected item will be added to your order.

  • ― Simply create or log into your account and select Manage Subscriptions.
  • ― Once the dashboard loads, select Cancel next to each item. You must cancel every item in your order, including (5) single items OR your bundle.
  • ― Upon cancellation of all single items OR your bundle, select your Cancellation Reason and then Cancel My Subscription.

Unfortunately, at this time you may only have one active subscription.

At this time, you can only add one unique product at a time. Your (5) items must be five different products.

At this time, you can only order (5) single items or a bundle per unique order. Products cannot be combined.

Didn’t we convince you? We knew you’d come around.

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