So who is Scotch Porter and why the name change? 

Glad you asked! Scotch Porter is more than just a brand, it’s a call to action. When I left the comfort of my cushy desk job this summer, Jerry Maguire-style, to pursue my dream of creating the ultimate men's grooming line, I did so with the intent of making the most stylishly accessible products in the game.

Scotch Porter is for men who want to look their best at all times—and not in the gym 45 hours a week #FitFam kind of way (but that’s okay too). We have developed a line that takes grooming and facial hair to the next level.

For guys that are all about looking their best at all times, we’re here to make sure you’re always on point. All natural and full of good intentions, Scotch Porter is a high end line for wallets of all sizes. 

We're still the same great company and team that makes and sells some of the finest grooming products in the world for men, we just evolved and stepped our game up with new products, a new name and better packaging. We also still believe that the products you use should be effective and healthy, so we will continue to use only the finest and purest ingredients in our products. 


  • All New Website 
    Our new website is more than great looks, it's loaded with new features to provide you with a better shopping experience. Click around and get familiar with our product, story, team and blogs. Let us know what you think!

  • All New Branding & Packaging
    Looks are everything right? We wanted to create a look that fits into your world. Our new amber bottles feature a clean & modern design with a masculine flair. 

  • All New Products & Accessories
    Beard Wash (insert product photo & description)
    Beard Conditioner (insert product photo & description)
    Beard Brush (insert product photo & description)

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